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Cai Lun Bronze Statue

Cai Lun Bronze Statue

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Custom Made Bronze Statue of Cai Lin

Made in 100% real bronze our statues can be produced into any size and design. So if you would like a bust or a full body figure we can design, produce and deliver anywhere in the world.
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      History and Facts of Cai Lun

      Cai Lun (CE 48–121), courtesy name Jingzhong, was a Chinese eunuch, inventor, and politician of the Han dynasty. He is traditionally regarded as the inventor of paper and the papermaking process, in forms recognizable in modern times as paper (as opposed to papyrus). Although early forms of paper had existed in China since the 2nd century BCE, he was responsible for the first significant improvement and standardization of papermaking by adding essential new materials into its composition. Wikepedia

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