Thank you for the opportinuty to quote on your Roy Rogers bronze statue. 

This quote will focus on the bronze statue and the process involved to design, produce and ship to your chosen port in the USA.


There are 3 main options for you to consider.

  • Roy Rogers sitting on Trigger the horse (Bullet the dog optional)
  • Roy Rogers standing next to Trigger the horse (Bullet the dog optional)
  • Roy Rogers and Bullet the Dog



Below is how we fix a large bronze statue to a surface.

To fix your bronze statue in position you do not need to be a professional in bronze, just a handyman is sufficient or a builder if you require a fork lift or a mini crane to place the statue in position. The statues will be shipped in a wooden box for easy moving with a forklift.

We include 3 simple methods to fix your bronze statue in position once we have completed the production.

  • We can install steel bars that are fitted to the bottom of the statue. This will then anchor into the ground. (cement is perfect).
  • We can use an Iron frame connected to the statue which will anchor into the ground (cement is perfect)
  • The other option is we attach small metal fasteners on the bottom edges of the statue with a hole that can be screwed into the surface.

For this project we suggest the Iron Frame to be attached to the feet of the horse and Roy's feet (if he is standing) and also to Bullet the dog. Fixing the iron frames into cement where it cannot be seen would be an ideal solution.



Trigger the horse - 440 pounds

Roy Rogers - 220 pounds

Bullet the dog - 110 pounds



A big difference between our company and any other statue producer in the world is that for life size statues we make a 3D design and then a 3D print of the design. We no longer make the design in clay. A 3D design is made exactly as you want with unlimited alterations. The 3D print is then made exactly as the design including all the detail so this cancels out having to make a clay mold of the design. It also saves time.



Once a design and project is confirmed we follow the below steps.

  1. Our designers would make a 3D design of the statue. There will be unlimited alterations until you are happy with the result.
  2. We would 3D print the design. (We make a 3D print instead of making the statue in clay. Clay is a very long process and you don't get the same accuracy that a 3D design provides)
  3. We make the design mold of the statue
  4. We then produce the bronze statue
  5. We add an installation option of either steel spikes, an iron frame or fasteners to the statue
  6. We organize shipment

You will be continually updated on the stages with photos as we move through the project.


Below are different pricing options to consider:

  • Roy Rogers seated on Trigger - $ 17,900
  • Roy Rogers standing next to Trigger - $17,500
  • Roy Rogers and Bullet the dog - $9,900
  • Additional cost of Bullet the dog - $2695


  • 3D desgin with unlimited changes
  • Lifesize 3D print of the design
  • Mold of the statue produced
  • Design made into bronze
  • Installation fixes to statue


  • Shipping to New York (Approximately $1000)
  • Import Taxes



  • $500 deposit to start and make the 3D design for approval
  • 50% of full amount for 3D production and bronze production
  • Final payment on completion plus shipping cost



6 weeks plus shipping (Additional 1 month)