Collect The World's Most Extraordinary

Who inspires you? Which individuals paved the way for your achievements? Who inspires you today?

Think of the greatest individuals of all time. People that changed the world for the better. People that entertained us with their talents and left us in awe of their feats.

Inventors, academics, political leaders, artists, musicians, actors and sporting greats.

The most extraordinary people from the past and present.

Names like Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Muhummad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Gerry Rice, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Leonardo DiCaprio.


500 Bronze Statues

At Star Statues our vision is to create more than 500 miniature bronze statues of the world's most extraordinary. Individuals that inspire us all to be who we are today. Statues to collect and display in a home or office as a proud reminder of their achievements and why we admire them.

The collection has begun with greats from the past including Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla,  John F Kennedy, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Mahatma Gandhi.


Statue Production

Out statues are expertly designed in 3D and then produced into real bronze miniature statues. Statue size is approximately 14 inches and exact size depends on the life size height of the individual.


Copyright Free Statues

Our current task is to produce as many copyright free statues. Individuals that have past more than 100 years ago or leaders who have been pubilc figures. These individuals that we select also need to have current popularity throughout the world and most importantly in the USA.



Sporting Organisations

Our future goal would be to work with the biggest names and organisations in world sport, including many of the below:


Our Task

Our next step is to build a team of skilled business people who believe in the idea and would like to take this project to the next level of investment, production and opportunity.