James Dean 3D-Star Statues

How to make a Celebrity 3D mold

At Star Statues we create the most realistic celebrity bronze statues for our customers. To do this we have some of the best 3D artists to create our statues.

Below is the original image of James Dean that we used to make his 3D design.


James Dean-Star Statues


A 3D artist can spend 100 hours or more on one celebrity figure to arrive at the finished product. When there is so much detail to add it can be very time consuming, but the results are well worth it. There are times when we only have one main image to work from, so a lot of artistic creation is required.


James Dean 3D-Star Statues


Celebrity Copyright

To use an image of James Dean and to sell the product you first have to receive permission from the owners of the estate. Although James Dean died in 1954 his image is still very valuable. There are fees to use a celebrity and you need to have a special idea for it to be approved.

It is against the law to use an image of a person who is still copyright protected. Every country is different, but some celebrities are protected up to a 100 years after their death.

All Star Statues Licensing Agreements are made with CMG Worldwide.

CMG are internationally recognized as the best and most experienced company in the marketing and management of intellectual property, their client roster is second to none.

Their success is greatly attributed to continued achievements in legal protection and aggressive marketing. By providing ironclad protection of clients’ intellectual property rights, including their names, images, copyrights and trademarks and being the leading advocate in the creation of intellectual property law, their legal pursuits have received worldwide acclaim for their precedent-setting decisions.

Their aggressive marketing policy is to formulate an international branding strategy according to a client’s needs and desires, and then selectively search for and create marketing programs that reflect these goals.


3D technology is a great way to make celebrities from the past come to life. Great attention to detail, skill and patience will ensure a wonderful result. Remember that if you are considering using a celebrity be sure to get their approval if you plan on selling their image in the future.

Below are the stages from a real image of James Dean to final 3D graphic design that was used with our James Dean Bronze Statue.

James Dean 360 degrees-Star Statues


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