At Star Statues we can design any type of memorial of a family member at the best price in the world. From a head bust or a life size/miniature statue. We can custom design a replica of your family member in beautiful forever-lasting bronze. We can also engrave names, dates and a special message on the base. The options are unlimited.

Our statues are of the highest quality and below is the process we follow:

  1. Client provides a photo(s) and size of the person they would like to have made into a statue. We then assist and provide optons of the style of statue and create a quote for confirmation.
  2. We then create a 3D graphic design from the image or images. This includes unlimited alterations of the design until signed off.
  3. A 3D print will be made of the design to be used for the bronze process and a mold is produced.
  4. Melted bronze liquid is poured into the mold and set. (Hot-cast method)
  5. The statue is then prepared for final finishing.
  6. On completion, the statue will be photographed from all angles and emailed to the client.
  7. The statue will then be delivered as per delivery instructions.

The statue process will take 4 weeks or more, depending on the size of the statue. The process is also far more detailed than the above 7 steps.

Please note that we will require at least 1 high resolution image. The more images supplied from different angles the more accurate the design will be.

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