The Art of 3D Design

To make a bronze statue we must first create a mold of the object. There are two ways to do this. For thousands of years the mold has been made from clay. The artist uses images to create a close resemblance in clay. With smaller objects this can be difficult to really show the detail required, it is also harder to make changes from customer feedback and not possible to make changes to the size without starting again.

At Star Statues we use 3D design for all our miniature molds.  There are many benefits to this. A 3D design can show every little detail from the image provided. It is easy for us to show customers our designs for feedback and changes. We can also make the statue smaller or larger size, depending on a customer’s requirements. Overall, a 3D design can be a near replica of the images provided. It is much harder to do this with clay, unless the sculptor is a very experienced and skilled artisan.

Below is a still image of James Dean. We used this to make a 3D design. There was some guess work with the back of the statue because we only had one front on image. We use other side images of his face to ensure it resembled James Dean.

James Dean

3D desgin