Custom Made Life Size Bronze Statues

A custom made life-size real bronze statue can be the centre piece for any home, business or organisation. A bronze statue can be displayed indoors or outdoors and if taken care of, can last many lifetimes.

At Star Statues we first take the image(s) of the person, animal or object and make a 3D design from all angles. We provide options for the base of the statue including a bronze, marble or granite base and any text to go with the statue. We put all this into the 3D design for confirmation before we begin the task of making the statue into bronze. The 3D design allows you to understand exact meaurements of what the real life statue will be.

The next step is to make the clay mold of the statue. A professional artist will follow the 3D design to ensure an exact match. Customers will be continually updated on the progress of the clay mold. On completion of the clay mold we will begin the bronze process.

We use the lost wax method or Hot-cast Bronze to make our statues for long lasting, strong and beautiful sculptures.

A life-size statue will take a minimum of a month. The cost of a life-size bronze statue will depend on many things including the size, weight and detail of the statue.

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Life size bronze statue - Star Statues




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