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Custom Made Statue

Custom Made Statue

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Custom made statues allows clients to generate their own statue of a person or an object they would like to produce.


The custom process will include:

  1. 3D graphic design from the image or images provided. This includes unlimited alterations of the design until signed off. 
  2. A mold will be cast of the statue which will be used as the master for all future production. The size of the statue will be approximately 35cm high (1.1 feet), including the base. The exact size of the statue will depend on the real life size of the person we are designing unless instructed differently. Learn more
  3. 1 completed samples made for the client. (More statues can be made at a much lower cost)
  4. Samples will be photographed from all angles and emailed to client.
  5. Samples will then be delivered as per delivery instructions.

The sample process will take up to 6 weeks from the moment we receive the images until the client has the samples in their hand. The time can be shorter depending on quick feedback of design and our own work loads. We will also try to fit within a clients time frame, but also ensuring quality of work.

Please note that we will require at least 1 high resolution image. The more images supplied from different angles the more accurate the design will be.
Images can be sent as jpeg files. Logos are best sent as png files. All information including text on the base of the statue can be emailed to

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