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Tom Brady Bronze Statue

Tom Brady Bronze Statue

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Lionel Messi Custom Made Bronze Statue 

Tom Brady is the greatest quaterback off all time. He played with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning 7 Superbowls in his 23 year career. 
The Tom Brady bronze statue is made in 100% real bronze. A wonderful collectors item and can be deliver anywhere in the world. Available in 4 sizes with custom requests available. Scroll down to see more information


Real Bronze Statue (88% copper, 12% tin)
Lost wax, hot casting process

Statue Options (Height)
10" (25cm)
16" (40cm)
24" (60cm)
70" (180cm)

Shipping Locations
Worldwide shipping including USA, UK, Europe, Asia and more.

Delivery Times
10" (25cm) - 7 days
16" (40cm) - 30 days
24" (60cm) - 30 days
70" (180cm) - 60 days

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